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Other facilities


Each room is equipped with a telephone which only allows you to make internal calls. For any other calls to be made you need to purchase a World Call Card or use the Call Box i.e. in the reception area.

24-hour computer facility

Computer room

We have a computer room which consists of four computers and one printer. We do not provide paper for printing.

Seminar room

Seminar room

All Africa House has its own seminar room which can be booked and is only available to residents of All Africa House.

Television room

Television lounge

There is one communal television room with satellite.


The room rate includes a full breakfast: Monday - Friday from 07:30 - 10:00.

Dining area

Continental breakfast

Kitchen clusters - communal

Communal kitchen

The kitchen is fully equipped with the necessary crockery, cutlery, and cooking appliances such as a stove, microwave and refrigerator. In the event where a guest occupies a single or an en-suite room you will share a communal kitchen with approximately eight other guests. Each guest has his/her own kitchen cupboard in which to store their individual groceries.


Our laundry facility consist of two washing machines and two driers.


All Africa House has been allocated undercover parking bays for resident and guests. To enable you to make use of AAH's parking bays you need to acquire a disc from the admin office upon arrival at R50,00 per disc which is refundable when you depart.

Please note: this disc enables you to park only undercover and nowhere else. If you are found parking in a yellow/red bay, a traffic fine will be imposed by the UCT's traffic department.

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